Lending and Circulation

All borrowing administration is handled at the Circulation Desk.

In order to borrow or to renew loans of documents, Library users need a Library Card.

All documents in the Reading Room and some items from the EDC can be borrowed. All other Library material e.g. periodicals and reference works can only be used inside the Library.

Borrowing limits for books and documents from the main Library collection are:

College students10 items1 week
Faculty and staff 15 items3 weeks

In addition, students, faculty and staff may borrow a maximum of 4 additional items from the Careers and Languages Collection, plus a locker key and a set of headphones for use in the Library. Please ask at the Library Circulation Desk if you have any questions about these items.

The Library reserves the right to change borrowing rules at any time..

A borrowed document may be renewed as many times as you like, provided that no one else has requested it. You do not need to bring the documents to the Library in order to renew them.

There are several methods of renewal :
  • visit the Library circulation desk and ask the Library staff to renew the books
  • contact the Library by phone to ask if renewal is possible
  • contact the Library by e-mail to ask if renewal is possible
  • renew the books online

If you want to use a library book which is checked out, a request may be made for it. Ask the librarian at the circulation desk to make the request, or do it yourself at one of the the Library workstations.
When you request a book yourself, please check if all the copies are checked out (= borrowed). Only when all copies are checked out, your placed request will be accepted by our services. As soon as the item is returned to the Library, you will be notified and the book will be put on hold for you at the Circulation Desk for a period of 3 days.

Late returns. If an item is overdue :

  • your library account will be blocked until you return the overdue item;
  • you will have to pay a fine. You will be fined 25 eurocent (€0.25) per item/day.

Borrowers must pay the replacement cost of a lost or damaged document.


Photocopy machines are available for Library users on a self-service basis:

All copy machines work on the College C-card system.

Copyright restrictions apply in the Library. Only under certain conditions specified by law are libraries and archives and their users authorized to make a photocopy or any other reproduction. One specified condition is that the photocopy or reproduction is not to be "used for any purpose other than private study, scholarship or research". If a user makes a request for, or later uses a photocopy or reproduction for purposes in excess of "fair use", that user may be liable for copyright infringement.

Computing Facilities

The Library offers workstations spread over three floors. These Library workstations can be freely used by students, staff and external visitors, and the machines give access to the internet, e-mail, the Library Catalogue and the CD-ROM collection. The Library also permits the use of laptops in its Reading Rooms, provided that these are used quietly.

In addition to the machines in the Library, the Computer Room of the College offers a large number of PCs for use by College students, faculty and staff only. Access to all computer equipment inside the Computer Room is password restricted. The Computer Room can only be accessed by way of the Library, and its opening hours are the same as the Library's.

External visitors cannot use the Computer room and must use the IT equipment available within the Library itself.


The Computer Room offers facilities for undertaking a variety of printing jobs.

Locker Rentals

No large bags are allowed inside the library, but the library. The library offers locker storage facilities for your belongings.

One-day locker

for ALL library users

free of charge

Long-term locker

for College members only

€ 25.00 (€ 6.00 is refundable)

A one-day-locker rental means that you can borrow a key for a locker at the Library Circulation Desk for one day. The key should be returned the same day before 21.30. If not, the library staff will open the locker and the contents of the locker will be kept in the library. Lost keys must be refunded (price:€ 10).

Long-term lockers are available at a cost of € 25 for an academic year, of which € 6 is a key deposit and is refundable on return of the key at the end of the year. These lockers are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis—please contact the Library Circulation Desk.

Proposals for new acquisitions

The Library warmly welcomes proposals from both the College's academic community and from external users for the acquisition of new books, periodicals and other materials which fit the Library's acquisition profile. Proposals can be submitted by e-mail to the Library's e-mail address or delivered in person to the Library Front Desk. Acquisition proposals should be as complete and correct as possible and ideally contain an ISBN for books and an ISSN for periodicals. They should also contain the proposer’s personal data and e-mail address so that they can be notified when the requested item has arrived.

Interlibrary Loans for the College Community

The Interlibrary Loans and Document Delivery service enables College students and staff to obtain materials which are not held by the College Library itself. Before filling in a Request Form please make sure that the item you are interested in is not already available in our Library Catalogue.

  • Book request form
  • Article request form

Members of the College community can request an unlimited number of Interlibrary Loans. However, to offset part of the costs involved, a scale of charges applies as indicated in the table below .

College Staffall requests free of charge
College Students5 first requests free of charge (additional demands € 5 each)
Visitorsno requests allowed

Contact Katrien Gunst, Periodicals and ILL Librarian, for further information:


The Library is able to send materials to other Libraries or Institutions on an inter-library loan or document delivery service basis.

PeriodicalsPhotocopies of articles can be delivered
BooksNormally monographs are kept at the disposal of the College Community; however exceptions can sometimes be made
Official DocumentsPhotocopies of Official Publication can be delivered

Contact Katrien Gunst, Periodicals and ILL Librarian,  for further information:

Visit to the Commission's Library

Students who want to visit the Commission's Library can contact Katrien Gunst for an appointment one day before.


You can also make an appointment directly to ''